Focused on a sustainable future for New Zealand

Electric Autobus - committed to a sustainable future

We are committed to a sustainable future.

We founded our company after witnessing New Zealand purchase brand new, larger scale diesel fleets in 2017 and 2018 while other countries had already gone green.  Our company was founded to give New Zealand transport companies, ratepayers and commuters reliable, comfortable and clean electric public transport without costing the earth. 

Our strategy to achieve this has five pillars:

  1. Deliver tangible environmental benefits – improved health, reduced noise, lower emissions
  2. Make it a first-class ride for passengers—smoother, lower noise, less vibration
  3. Cost effectiveness - Electric buses should be economic without subsidies
  4.  Manage technical risk – help operators understand and manage the risks of transitioning to new technologies and operating models
  5. Demonstrate environmental and social responsibility – provide recycling pathways for components, uplift the end customer, and practice supply chain stewardship

Policy on supply chain stewardship

Electric Autobus was formed to improve the lives of all who share this planet by mitigating the harmful effects of anthropogenic climate change. We are equally passionate about improving the health and daily lives of our end customers, the passengers on our buses.

Toward this end, Electric Autobus trades in ideas, experiences, relationships, knowledge, goods and services. Our business is international in scope and local in application.

Integrity, fairness, and societal benefit are key values of Electric Autobus.

Electric Autobus recognises that the procurement process is an important lever in encouraging and rewarding social and environmental practices which meet and exceed internationally accepted standards. Furthermore, we recognise the risk of funding organisations which do not uphold environmental or social standards through procurement.

We recognise in particular the risks of Modern Slavery participation in the supply chain and we take active measures to mitigte these.

We also acknowldge the importance free flowing feedback in our industry and support the rights of employees who raise concerns about our products or practices. 

We apply the following practices to the greatest extent possible consistent with our scale and sphere of influence:

  • Know your supplier

  • Specifically evaluate major supply chain partners employees’ welfare and business conduct practices

  • Evaluate the extended supply chain based on risk assessment

  • Seek audits for additional assurance

  • Encourage and assist customers to conduct their own independent supply chain due diligence

In particular, we always visit production factories for our products and major components. There we meet with employees and seek evidence of employee welfare in the following areas:

  • Health and safety

  •  Employment conditions

  • Remuneration and work hours

  • Working environment

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